Every breeder of Jack Russells must hunt their terriers to preserve the genetic components of a working terrier — the ability to locate, the drive to enter and the courage to stay.

By observing your dog hunting, you will never sacrifice physical aspects of the terrier for the visual satisfaction and will always stay very close to the functional aspects of the terrier. Form follows function. This dog is not a showpiece, not a bench dog, he is a working athlete.

It is our duty as breeders to give this dog every physical component they possibly can, to insure the dog’s efficiency in the ground.

Correct movement in a terrier, especially hunting here in the United States, is very important because our terriers spend a lot of time in the field above the ground. Those terriers who move with ease and efficiency have sufficient energy when the task of underground work is at hand.

Knowing the working style of each terrier allows you to recognize valuable information as to making wiser decisions in your breeding program.

“Blue ribbons don’t have genes.”